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With strong roots in hip-hop and youth culture, Rhino Unltd has become the touchstone of a generation without boundaries. Successfully fusing designer, street, video game, and action sports, the company remains in a class of its own with an uninhibited pulse on emerging trends and talent.
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Afterwards, I went back to her and had the stitch redone with no extra cost. She put it in higher, basically at the original spot that she put it. I think this further attests to her skill in that she really knows what she's doing when she alters your clothes. When in doubt, trust her judgment. She's the professional. Also, this attests to her sense of customer service. She very well could've told me "No, I don't think you should change the stitch lower as you'll inevitably pull a Janet Jackson" (I like people to share expertise but I hate it when they're preachy about it). But she went ahead and changed it so that I would be satisfied. And when I (inevitably) returned, she changed it again because she wanted me to be happy with the piece.

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