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Since 1874, Rieker has been committed to handcrafting the latest European fashion and offering it at an affordable price.
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When I went in to pick up the jumpsuit (she had it ready within a week, but probably would have had it done earlier had I asked--at least that's the impression I get based on the dozens of people who walk in and out with requests for her to alter their clothing by such and such a date), I actually asked her to lower the stitch. She swiftly did this while I waited. I wore the jumpsuit as a creative black time formal outfit and looked stunning thanks to the owner's handiwork, but I did have to worry about the possibility of a "wardrobe malfunction" for most of the night (Ladies, you can use that special sticky tape for helping your outfit stay together, but it really does you no good if you're going to be in a drippy hot sweaty room for several hours as due to the humidity  the TAPE NO LONGER STICKS).

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