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Rusty Apparel produces fashion forward product that is authentic to the boardsport culture. Founded on the innovation of the Rusty Surfboard, they continue to build high quality designs for the active, hip youth market.
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One of my favorite purchases EVER is from 4.  I introduce you to... the sticky bra.  Now, you may or not be familiar with what a sticky bra is.  It's kind of what it sounds like... a bra that's sticky - you don't need straps or anything, it just attaches right to you!  Throw on that backless shirt, your skanky tube top, or whatever your little heart desires, and your boobs will still be perky and hot. Sticky bra, you complete me. I'm on my third sticky bra now.  After my male roommates found mine and decided to stick it to their heads, shirts, elbows, asses, and various other body parts, I decided that sticky bras do need to be retired.

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